Based in Kabul, Areeca is a private organization that expands all over Afghanistan in various sectors of business. It promises to deliver a wide range of professional services to its clients in different divisions of their particular business.

Since the inception of the company, our motivated and dedicated teams of professional personnel have served leading clients all over Afghanistan. Equipped with extraordinaire expertise and having extensive experience in corporate sector, our devoted team has provided services to various organizations all across the country.

With an established track record, we have managed to achieve a wide-ranging base of prominent clients. A strong and healthy working relationship with our clients has also guaranteed total adherence, satisfaction, and professional working relationships. Our professionalism, sincerity, and excellence also ensures our clients stay with us for the long term and come back for more. Whatever the needs of our client’s business, our devoted and experienced team will make sure to meet them. Our dedication makes our clients refer us to other companies too. We take utmost pride in the working relationships we build with our clients and employees.


To be the leading Information Technology solution provider in the domestic, regional and international markets.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a leader in the international market and provide quality services to our customers, while learning from their feedback and setting even higher standards for our services.

Core Values

  • Integrity: To communicate within the company and with our business partners, suppliers and customers, whereas at the same time protect the company’s confidential information.
  • Excellence: To provide high-quality and superior services to our customers.
  • Uniformity: To show consistency in our work.
  • Empathy: To be compassionate in our business relationships with our esteemed employees and the communities linked to our business.
  • Equality: To be equally fair to our workers, shareholders, business partners, customers, and suppliers through adherence to all applicable governing laws, regulations, and policies and a high standard of moral behavior.

WHY CHOOSE US ? Success. Advance. Progress.

Thinking why work with us. Experience it yourself to surpise the world with amazing results

We believe in making big achievements with our skills to compete with the world. Taking into consideration the ICT industry, Areeca is striving towards being a center of the following values.


Graphic Designing
Web Development
Application Development